Dedicated to provide a wide range of Efficient and Reliable Biogas and Power Generation solutions.


It is Unilib Energy’s mission to provide the finest green energy solutions by providing the most practical biogas technologies that covert wastes into green power and help the environment. Through careful analysis, attentive customer support, and cost effective solutions, Unilib Energy is becoming the premier environmental energy provider and consultancy in this region.


Unilib Group has since been established in 1982. We have been dedicated to provide a wide range of efficient and reliable products. All our products are backed up by our comprehensive after sales service programs and customer supports. We are committed to the highest total quality management that applies to a full range of manufacturing and design solutions and exceeds customers’ expectations. This commitment also includes rigorous quality control implemented at every state of production and the very best in service.

Since we began in 1982, Unilib Group has adhered to a “customer centric” philosophy that puts the customer first and delivers what each defines as value. Today, Unilib Group provides a complete end-to-end manufacturing services to companies of all sizes, geographic locations and end markets.


Year 1982

Unilib Enterprises Pte. Ltd. was established in the year 1982 with 4 partners, having to cater industries with quick and easy solution. Hence in year 1985 due to the economic changes, the company starts to diversify to power electrical product servicing offshore drilling platform and further expand to diesel power generation plant.

Year 1989

In year 1989, Unilib Automation Pte. Ltd. was established. Its purpose is to target the general industrial needs, thus provide solution for automatic control system using the latest technology and control components. This also applies to oil and gas industries, process control and plant monitoring.

Year 1990

In year 1990, Unilib Control System Pte. Ltd. was established. Its purpose is to further enhance the market capturing the expending needs of the diesel power generating plants in other sectors, having a production factory at Pandan Loop.

Year 1992

In year 1992, the management had made a decision to further concentrate and more focus on the diesel and gas engine power generation and power house related controls, LV & HV switchgears.

Year 1996

In year 1996, in order to put the production and office in one roof, thus reduce communication gap and minimize the time loss and further enhances the production quality, Unilib Control System had invested to purchase the current unit – 32 Gul Drive.

In order to gain more efficiency, in fact the whole office operation systems have been back-up with computer aides’ device and all engineering design and drawings had used the latest AutoCAD software. Notwithstanding, the company had invested a CNC punching and bending machines, arc welding instead of argon welding, it’s reason is to improve the productivity as well as products quality.

Year 2000

With all the tireless efforts putting in, so as to ensure customers’ satisfaction, in early year 2000 the company was granted a Quality System ISO 9001 standard. Two years later a higher standard of ISO 9001-2000 was granted.

Year 2014

In year 2014, The Workplace Safety and Health Council has certified Unilib Automation Pte. Ltd. for fulfilled the requirements and attained the bizSAFE Level 3.

Year 2016

In year 2016, Unilib Energy Sdn Bhd was established. Its purpose is to target the finest green energy solutions by providing most practical biogas technologies that covert wastes into green power and develop future power generation for a safer and green environment.



Unilib Group has high standards for quality. We have a rigorous quality control system in place to test products at every stage, from raw materials to the finished products. All materials coming into our facility are thus installed into our finished products and undergo stringent tests to ensure they are at the highest quality. Any materials that do not meet our standards are rejected and immediately sent back to our dealers.



Our Quality Assurance covers all activities from design, development, production, installation, servicing to documentation. It introduced the sayings “fit for purpose” and “do it right the first time”. It includes the regulation of the quality of raw materials, assemblies, products and components; services related to production; and management, production, and inspection processes. Unilib Group’s on-site Quality Assurance ensures that each product leaving our door meets our standard as well as customer’s standard quality.


Our customers vary from different specialization and therefore we ensure careful selection on their needs basically focusing on the engine package generator set suppliers like Caterpillar, Cummins, Man B&W, Detroit, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, Perking, GE and etc. Although our office and manufacturing plant are based in Singapore, however we have widely covered the Asia and South East Asia region, inclusive of: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Bangladesh, Sir-Lanka, Male, Pakistan, India, Middle East area. Also our products have been installed in much wider areas; other then the above mentioned which also include: Australia, Brunei, Brazil, Nigeria, and Russia – Turkmenistan.

Our end-users ranging from general industrial, building, bank, airport, oil & gas industrial, mining industrial, marine industrial, power plant, hospital and etc.


Our Management Team and Engineers

The Directors and most of the Executive Officers are well-experienced and have had at least 20 years of relevant industry working experience which thus form a strong team of management, leading the company with growth over the past few years.

Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest tools thus able to perform and changes any requirements needed by the customer in a shortest period of time thus eliminates time wastage.

Commitment to Higher Standards of Quality

Our reputation has been built up with reliability through uncompromising high standards of quality through all aspects of design, procurement, manufacture and testing procedure. We further committed to maintaining and improving our customer service by implementing a Total Quality Policy (ISO9001-2000) and continuously developing all aspects of our business.

Strategic Partnering With Our Customers

We focus in several niche markets and partnering with our customers to cater with the end users’ needs thus successfully create an excellent relationship with our customers resulting with repeat order. By doing so, our sale efforts are intensified.

Strategic Partnering With Our Suppliers

Our selected suppliers which have their operations in Europe, America and Asia, are one of the leading suppliers globally which supply high tech reliable components, indirectly support our system design and development and to provide with after sale services.

Purpose End Users Training Programs

We have established training programs with our partners to suit the needs on individual end users. Our engineers are all experienced professionals who can impart expertise from class room theoretical aspects to work site hands on skills for the end uses operation teams.

Regional Sale & Service Center

We have two Sale & Service Center located in Malaysia & Thailand and service engineer permanently stationed in China which provides us with a better reach to our customers and end users and give the customers with a better and faster service. These enhance our customer relationships.


Further expand Our Regional Sale & Service Network

We intend to further expand our regional Sale & Service Network to Bangladesh and Sir-Lanka. Looking at the potential market like Africa, Brazil, India, Middle East and Russia area, we are going to set up the marketing arm to tap on to the local market demand.

Focus on Larger Scale Projects

Beside our normal customers, we shall increasingly focus on larger scale projects in the region with the contract amount up to US$ 3,000,000 in size. We should intend to strengthen our capacity of strengths to handling such large scale projects, especially in the oil and gas industry, animal waste, industrial waste and food waste biogas power plant.

Expand Our Product Range

Beside our standard range of products, we will try to expand products, by exploring the new power generation system, having the environment friendly by saving our environment which inclusive of biogas power generation system, solar power system and wind turbine power generation systems.

Setting up a Power Generator Rental Line

We also intend to set up the rental fee of engine generator sets. With our past experience this can be served to the industrial of oil & gas, marine, building, construction, hospital, school and etc. sectors. By doing so, we shall need to purchase numbers of engine generator sets c/w enclosure, this inclusive of all accessories and operation man powers.

Explore Acquisitions, Investment, Strategic alliances and/or Joint Ventures

When the opportunities arise, we may also consider acquisitions, investments, strategic alliances and/or joint ventures with our suppliers, customers or third parties. This would allow us to expand our core business and network of customers, thus lowering our operation cost and risks and to increase our range of products and services to our customers through vertical integration.